Julia Weldon Finds Peace in Destruction in 'When You Die' Video: Exclusive

Danielle Calodney
Julia Weldon

Brooklyn singer-songwriter and genderqueer artist Julia Weldon is breaking everything down just to let it go and rebuild anew in the video for “When You Die,” premiering exclusively on Billboard today (Sept. 17).

In a video directed by Piano Factory Pictures' Jessie Katz and Lindsey Goodman, Weldon channels their frustrations of putting on a daily facade into an all-out garage demolition before finding refuge in the unlikeliest of places: Long Island’s Dead Horse Bay, a 19th century landfill rife with horse bones, broken glass and discarded and forgotten debris. It’s a vulnerable yet triumphant experience that ties together the song’s dour struggle of Weldon’s loss of their father to Parkinson’s disease and its broader themes of acceptance and identity in a compelling combination of the right team and poetically-sound settings.

“Working with an intimate, nearly all-female crew added a level of trust to the whole creative project,” Weldon tells Billboard. “I think they really captured what it feels like to shed the mask you wear and release your anger, like peeling back a layer of yourself to expose who you really are.”

“When You Die” is the latest single from Weldon’s 2017 sophomore album Comatose Hope. Check out the video below.