Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real Preview New EP With 'Forget About Georgia' Video

Myriam Santos
Lukas Nelson

It's fair to say Lukas Nelson has a few things going on -- leading his band Promise of the Real, touring with his father, Willie Nelson, and Neil Young, plus appearing in and writing songs for A Star Is Born. But he's not too busy to release some new music -- in this case an EP, Forget About Georgia, which is coming Sept. 7 and whose title track video premieres exclusively below.

"In a sort of weird way I always kind of felt that I was going to give everything I had, from a young age, to this," Nelson tells Billboard about his busy creative life. "I knew what I wanted to do, so I would visualize how I wanted my life to be. I looked a lot at how dad's life did, with my own sort of tweaks."

Nelson pauses and then adds with a laugh, "I think basically I've designed my whole life so I can sleep in, really, is what it comes down to. My whole existence is geared towards being able to sleep in 'til 10 o'clock, then play music. That's it."

Forget About Georgia follows last year's self-titled Promise of the Real album as well as the group's collaboration with Young on The Visitor. It features five tracks, including two versions of the title track, an "impromptu" cover of David Bowie's "Life on Mars" and two previously unreleased songs, "Start To Go" and "Giving You Away." "Basically we wanted to do a video for ('Forget About Georgia') and we wanted to give it its own push," Nelson explains, noting the song, which appears on the Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real album, is a true story about a former girlfriend. "Everybody at the label, and myself included, feels like the song is super special, and everybody seems to respond to it really well. We just decided we're going to put it out again, with a video and everything."

Nevertheless, Nelson hopes that the other songs on the package don't get lost in the push for "Forget About Georgia." "There's some great tracks on there," he notes. "'Giving You Away' is, like, everybody's favorite sort of father-daughter wedding dance. I've had so many requests from people to play that song at their wedding, and it's not even out yet. So after years of playing it and never being able to give it to anybody, now I can."

Nelson and Promise of the Real is in the midst of making a new album and "going over budget. I've got 15 songs already, and we've got another nine we’re gonna do. Everybody's freaking out." He also has a new endorsement deal with Frye Boots and will be at this year's Americana Music Awards on Sept. 12 in Nashville, where it's up for Band of the Year. And, of course, there's the Oct. 5 release of A Star Is Born, for which Nelson co-wrote eight songs with Lady Gaga and appears as part of director/co-star Bradley Cooper's band.

"A Star Is Born was incredible," says Nelson, who was also part of Young and Daryl Hannah's arty film Paradox and its soundtrack. "I feel lucky to be amongst those two superstars -- and I don't use that term lightly. They're really super-talented, amazing people, and they really know how to work hard. We're a big part of the movie, so we're really excited for people to see it."