Noah Gundersen Gets Into People's Faces With 'Cocaine, Sex & Alcohol': Live Video Premiere

Charlie Schuck
Noah Gundersen

A different album in last year's White Noise led to a different kind of live performance for Seattle singer-songwriter Noah Gundersen -- with a larger band and more production. He's preserved that via a series of videos filmed during a pair of sold-out hometown shows at Seattle's Neptune that closed the tour, including "Cocaine, Sex & Alcohol," which premieres below.

"The tour for the record felt kind of special, and it didn't feel like something we were going to do again," Gundersen tells Billboard. "So I felt it was important we capture it, if just for myself to look back on that tour and see what we had done and the artistic statement I was making." And, he adds, "Cocaine, Sex & Alcohol," during which he ventured into the barricaded area in front of the stage and pressed some real, sweaty flesh with fans and friends, "was one of my favorite moments in the set. As a singer-songwriter for so long it was just me with an acoustic guitar on stage. I didn't really get to explore the space. In this performance I really get to get into people's faces, and I loved that."

The videos will put a cap on the White Noise cycle and the very different sonic path Gundersen explored with the album. "I was trying to prove that I couldn't be put in a box just as a guy with an acoustic guitar, and I think we kind of accomplished that," Gundersen says. "Going into this next (creative) season, that's a weight that doesn't feel like it's on my shoulders anymore. It's allowed me to go into this new record without feeling self-conscious about how I'm perceived. I think a lot of perceptions are broken at this point and I'll just get to make whatever I feel like instead of thinking how I’m going to be judged."

Gundersen is working on that next album now, with an intention to release it during early 2019. He's not quite sure where he's going with it yet, however. "I'm always just interested in making something new and different," he says. "I don't have much interest in repeating myself, creatively. (White Noise) was great, but now I’m on to something new. We've got a lot of track lists established and are working on just what it's going to sound like."


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