Hamish Anderson Previews Second Album With Hard-Rocking 'No Good': Video Premiere

Hamish Anderson
Elaine Torres

Hamish Anderson

Hamish Anderson's sophomore album isn't due out until early 2019, but the Australian-born singer, songwriter and guitar hero is kicking off the campaign with a new track, the hard rocking "No Good," whose video premieres exclusively below.

"This is a totally different experience; I've never been finished with an album so quickly and then had so long to wait," Anderson, who resides primarily in Los Angeles these days, says with a laugh. "I’m super proud of how it came out. I'm just excited to get it out there."

Anderson once again worked with Jim Scott, who helmed his 2016 debut after stepping in with its original producer. Having Scott on board from the start for the as-yet-untitled sophomore effort made a big difference, according to Anderson. "This one was very organic and natural," Anderson explains. "I took my time with the writing of this one; When the songs finally came together and me and Jim thought they were ready, we started. I got to work with Jim on every single song from conception 'til the end, and I got to have the same band for the whole thing, where on the first one there were different players on different songs."

That security also inspired Anderson to "really push myself with the writing. There was a lot of trial and error, sending (Scott) songs and having him say, 'This is good, this is shit.' I wanted it to be very much about the groove, so the rhythm section was very important." Johnny Radelat (Gary Clark Jr.) played drums on the set, while Chris Bruce (Doyle Bramhall, Meshell Ndegeocello) played bass, with Jerry Borge (Jonathan Wilson) on keyboards. "I feel like my confidence as a writer, singer, and guitarist has really gone up this time," Anderson says. "The last one had a lot of songs on it, but it was also a lot about the instrumentation and solos and things like that. This time I wanted the songs to be right at the forefront."

With its hints of the Rolling Stones and Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, "No Good" -- which Anderson says is "about finding yourself in a situation that's maybe doing you more harm than good and trying to get away with it" -- was one of the hardest for him to finish. "I came up with the music really quick in March of (2017) and just couldn't get the lyrics, other than the first line, together," Anderson recalls. "Nothing would stick. Then six months later I came back to it and the lyrics all fell out at once. It was one of the first ones we recorded, and everyone was really excited about it."

Anderson plans to continue stoking excitement for the album in the coming months. He hopes to release two or three more singles before its release, and he's heading out on a fall North American tour during which he'll preview some of the material. "I feel like that's the best way for me to sell my music," he says. "I love to play live. If I can get on stage and show people what I can do it'll turn them on to the album. Or at least I can hope."