White Denim Rev Up Fiery Single 'It Might Get Dark' On 'Conan': Watch

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Courtesy of TBS
White Denim perform on Conan.

On Thursday night (Aug. 23), Austin rock band White Denim paid a visit to the set of Conan for a fiery performance of "It Might Dark" from their album Performance. Clad in all denim (go figure), frontman James Petralli tried to balance his baseball hat on his towering head of curls as he lead the band through the driving performance that layered boogie blues and guitar rock that mashed-up such classic influences as Canned Heat and the Allman Brothers Band with the modern chug of the Black Keys.

The song took listeners on a journey of despair as the lyrics touch on issues of fame and finding meaning in a world where "nothing appears to be true." After revving up to a feverish guitar pitch, the band came back together to end on a giant, ominous note, leaving exhausted listeners in a state of unresolved suspense.

Check out White Denim's live performance of "It Might Get Dark" below.