Pearl Jam Missoula Concert Poster Depicts Rotting Trump Corpse Being Eaten by Eagle

Danny Clinch
Pearl Jam

The artwork was created by bassist Jeff Ament and artist Bobby Brown.

Pearl Jam is not a band known for holding its tongue. The "Bush Leaguer" rockers made their feelings about President Donald Trump perfectly clear on the tour poster for their show at Washington-Grizzly Stadium in Missoula, Mont., on Monday (Aug. 13) with a visceral original piece of art co-created by bassist Jeff Ament and artist Bobby "Draws Skullz" Brown that depicted a house on fire.

The White House, that is. The image has a lot going on, but right in the middle of it all is what appears to be the skeletal remains of Trump getting his bones picked clean by a bald eagle. That graphic drawing is in the middle of a vivid tableau that also includes a flying Jon Tester soaring over the flaming White House on a tractor -- the band is backing the Democratic senator's re-election bid -- a cracked Washington monument, a man holding up the Constitution with the Second Amendment facing forward and a drawing of Republican Senate candidate Matt Rosendale with a lobster claw for a hand waving a flag from his native Maryland.

Ament, who was born in Montana, provided some context for the image in notes that were posted alongside the poster on PJ's Twitter feed. "Y'all know the deal. We're at a tipping point and it's time for real action," he wrote. "Jon Tester is the real deal and nobody cares more about our country and especially Montana. So here we are... This was a fun collab with one of my favorite artists."

The show on the campus of the University of Montana reportedly featured a "Rock on Jon" ticket package, which earned PJ fans a ticket to the show and entry to a fundraiser hosted by two-term senator Tester and Ament. Pearl Jam has never held back when it comes to political leanings, lending support over the years to dozens of organizations, from the Red Cross to Habitat for Humanity, Rock the Vote, the Bridge School, HeadCount, Sandy Hook Promise, Oceana and the Sweet Relief Musician's Fund in addition to tirelessly promoting voter registration and election participation.

PJ recently raised more than $11 million to assist with Seattle's homeless problem -- including more than $1 million from the band -- during a stand of hometown shows in Seattle. Singer Eddie Vedder has also repeatedly railed against the division sown by Trump during recent shows and at the band's July 17 London gig, with PJ allowing the Trump-baiting Baby Trump balloon to fly outside of their show at the O2 Arena. 

“I know at home it feels very divisive. It feels like he's added such divisive energy into how we get along back home," Vedder said during the show, as images of the blimp flying outside were shown on a screen. "Then I realized the other day watching all the protests here down in the square [during Trump's visit to England this summer]. [Trump’s] actually bringing people together in a great way. When you get 250,000 protestors of all ages, cultures, different sexual orientations… you know, maybe he’s uniting people in a way that is gonna be needed in the near future.”

As you might expect, the poster elicited some anger from figures on the political right, with Rossendale calling it "disgusting and reprehensible," while others painted those offended by the drawing as "snowflakes" who are getting revved up after they "likely had no problems of posters or drawings of Obama being hanged." Check out some of the responses below.