The Band Camino Amp Up Their Guitars for Roaring New Track 'Daphne Blue': Premiere

Patrick Tracy


With two EPs in their catalog so far, The Band CAMINO have established a pop-rock sound that balances funky guitar riffs with wavy melodies. But for their latest release, the Nashville-based trio put electric guitar at the forefront -- and let it rip.

The result was a roaring track called "Daphne Blue," which introduces the group's most raw sound yet, but with the same kind of anthemic feel that their '80s-inspired rock music has always had. Though it may be the most shred-heavy song in their repertoire, "Daphne Blue" is a tune the guys have been eager to make for a while. 

"Spencer [Stewart, one of the band's members] had been playing that main guitar part for years -- it had essentially become our designated soundcheck riff," the band explains. "We’d been wanting to write a 'punch you in the face' guitar-driven rock song for a while and one day our manager heard Spence playing the riff at a rehearsal and was like 'Wait a minute... What is that? Why haven’t you guys written a song around this?' and two days later we sat down and wrote 'Daphne Blue.'"

Since Stewart and his bandmates (Jeffrey Jordan and Graham Rowell) met at the University of Memphis and formed The Band CAMINO, the trio has attracted a loyal fan base that landed them on Spotify's Viral 50 Chart in the United States. More recently, the band has caught the attention of Taylor Swift, who added their song "Berenstein" to her "Songs Taylor Loves" playlist on Spotify.

Fans can hear "Daphne Blue," "Berenstein" and more of The Band CAMINO's fun pop-rock tunes live by catching one of the band's recently announced headlining shows later this month, or this fall when they hit the road with Ben Rector. Check out all of their tour dates here, and rock out to "Daphne Blue," premiering on Billboard below.