Listen to Patrick Stump Turn Ariana Grande's 'No Tears Left to Cry' Into an Acoustic Emo Anthem

Jo Hale/Redferns
Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy performs at The O2 Arena on March 31, 2018 in London.

Sometimes pulling a song out of context can make it feel brand new all over again. Take Ariana Grande's "No Tears Left to Cry." The inspiring anthem from Grande's upcoming Sweetener has a pleasingly pop bounce, but what if you stripped it down and made it more of an acoustic emo ballad? Fall Out Boy singer Patrick Stump did just that during a visit to SiriusXM on Monday (July 30) when he debuted his take on Grande's surging single.         

"I've actually never played this song ever," Stump said before busting into his unplugged take on the song, which he transformed into something resembling a FOB studio outtake. Strumming the song's melody, Stump leaned into his soulful falsetto on the chorus, breathlessly singing the "I'm picking it up, I'm picking it up" refrain like it was his own. The band later joined in to play a set that included their own hits, including "Centuries," "Uma Thurman," "Sugar, We're Goin' Down" and "The Last of the Real Ones."

Stump is slated to compose the score for the short film Wonderland, a modern interpretation of the Lewis Carroll classic set in Hollywood, which is slated to begin production next month. The singer has perviously written music for Gnome Alone and the forthcoming Changeland. “When you’re doing a score, it’s kind of like acting, really, because you have to get in the head of a character,” Stump told Entertainment Weekly, “whereas with Fall Out Boy, if I’m writing a song, I’m going to have to get on stage every night and sing that. It’s really for me. Writing a song is more — not selfish, but you’re focused on what you would want, whereas in a film you’re just focused on telling the story.”    

Check out the "Tears" cover below.