Yoko Ono Announces Upcoming Album, Releases New Track 'Warzone': Listen

Yoko Ono
Matthew Placek

Yoko Ono

Yoko Ono has a new album on the way. The artist announced the coming of a stripped-down LP called Warzone, and dropped the first single, which bears the same name, on Tuesday (July 24).

The album will include reimagined versions of Ono's past work spanning from 1970 to 2009, with lyrics and messages she finds to be ever relevant -- perhaps even more pertinent -- in 2018. The music builds on her unique legacy as an activist and artist, using a minimalist sound landscape so that the lyrical content can clearly shine through. "The world is so messed up. Things are very difficult for everybody. It's a warzone that we are living in..." the 85-year-old Ono said in a statement. The first single includes distorted sounds of machine guns firing and animals crying out. 

The tracklisting includes Ono's 1971 track "Now Or Never," with one of her most famous lines, "Dream you dream alone is only a dream, but dream we dream together is reality," along with a rendition of the legendary song "Imagine," by her late husband John Lennon.

Last year, the National Music Publishers Association awarded Ono a co-writing credit on "Imagine," after discovering an interview with Lennon in 1980, in which he said the concept and lyrics for the song came from Ono’s book Grapefruit, and thus credit should be shared between him and his wife.

Warzone drops on October 19 with Chimera Music, the label run by Sean Ono Lennon. Leading up to the release date, Ono will release a new song each Tuesday on her website, and on streaming services.

Listen to "Warzone" and check out the album track list below. 

Side 1 

1. Warzone

2. Hell In Paradise

3. Now Or Never

4. Where Do We Go From Here

5. Woman Power

6. It’s Gonna Rain

 Side 2

7. Why

8. Children Power 

9. I Love All of Me

10. Teddy Bear 

11. I’m Alive

12. I Love You Earth  

13. Imagine