Indie Rockers Queen of Jeans Flip '90s Teen Movie Scene Into Queer Love Story in 'U R My Guy' Video: Premiere

Queen of Jeans
Jessica Lim

Queen of Jeans

Philadelphia four-piece Queen of Jeans are the band you didn’t know you were missing, shimmying around your ears with vibrant three-part harmonies and ‘60s girl group and doo-wop hooks you don’t hear on your typical punk rock bill.

Their debut LP Dig Yourself (released this February on Topshelf Records) is an all ‘round winner, and now, they’ve given the cleverly-referential music video treatment to one of its true jukebox jams. 

Do you remember the scene in 10 Things I Hate About You when Heath Ledger tries to make up with Julia Stiles by serenading her from the football stadium PA alongside a choreographed routine from the marching band? Queen of Jeans went and flipped that into something a little less late ‘90s cliché.

In the band's video for “U R My Guy,” the setting is the same, but vocalist-guitarist Miriam Devora (herself a queer woman) puts her own perspective on the bleacher passion.

Check out the vid below, premiering exclusively on Billboard:

Queen of Jeans also features Matheson Glass, Nina Scotto, and Patrick Wall. They’re currently touring the U.S. in support of Dig Yourself. Find those dates here.