Future Thieves Combine an '80s Vibe With Uplifting Lyrics to Tell a 'Prom Night' Love Story: Premiere

Future Thieves
Jacqueline Justice

Future Thieves

Just days after Future Thieves released a video depicting a prom night gone wrong in the tragic visual for "Dark Spin," the alt-rock band flipped the script with their latest single. "Prom Night," premiering on Billboard below, is a love song with echoing '80s-esque guitars and cute lyrics -- and funny enough, it's not even really about prom at all.

“’Prom Night’ is just an old-fashioned 'I don’t care what people think, we should be together' type of song," the band tells Billboard. "We wanted to share this song with everybody because it’s an uplifting chorus that can push people through that social anxiety we all deal with of people trying to influence us from the outside and tell us what to do. Those days are over, and people need to be proud of who they are and who they love. Gay, straight, everybody! Love each other and don’t hold back.”

The wavy, upbeat sound of the track is overlaid with sweet sentiments like "You leave me shakin' like a roller coaster/ You're a supernova," endearingly presenting that uplifting message the band points out. The good vibes are further influenced by the group's best bud, fellow artist Guthrie Brown, who assists on the song in a "call and response sort of way," as the Future Thieves guys put it.

Both "Prom Night" and "Dark Spin" are from Future Thieves' forthcoming self-titled album, which is due Sept. 7. While the band calls their latest single "a step out into the light" from "Dark Spin," the two releases are indicative of the alt-rock variety fans will hear on the LP.

Take a listen to "Prom Night" below.