The Wild Feathers Talk Making of 'Wildfire': 'It's Almost a Love Letter to the Band'

Alysse Gafkjen
The Wild Feathers

Want to know what life's been like for Nashville's Wild Feathers? Check out "Wildfire," the single from the quartet's upcoming third album, Greetings From The Neon Frontier.

As explained by the group members in the exclusive video below, the song is what frontman Taylor Burns calls "almost like a love letter to the band." "It's a snapshot of our life up to this point," Burns tells Billboard. "That's just a literal song about us. I think you can’t help but to be nostalgic in a lot of ways -- all the stuff we've been through, all the places we've been. It's a road song, of course, but after writing it and (playing) it and listening to it I realize I'm so glad I'm in a band with all these dudes, and I think they feel the same way about me. We're really tight and love each other and we look after each other. We've hung in there after all the ups and downs from seven, eight years of being together. I'm just glad we're still working really hard and not jaded and disillusioned by stuff we encounter along the way."

Working again with producer Jay Joyce, the Wild Feathers approached Greetings, which comes out June 29, with an eye toward recapturing elements of the group's self-titled 2013 debut that it felt were eclipsed by a harder rocking approach on 2016's Lonely Is A Lifetime. "We wanted to try to get close to the sound of the first record -- writing everything on acoustic guitars and make sure the song was as good in its most basic form as it could be, before we add anything," Burn explains. He adds that the does "love the second record, too" but feels the group is best served by a song-first approach.

"When you write them acoustically, you can tell if the song's good or not right off the bat, and it can be translated into any form, pretty much," Burns says. The Wild Feathers also sought to recapture an emphasis on vocal harmonies for Greetings. "That's another thing, when we're thinking about the first record and 'What separates us from other bands? What makes us unique?' It's the harmonies and the tracking vocals and stuff like that. We tried to make sure we put our vibe on it more like that this time."

Burns says most of the songs on Greetings have been played live "at least once," with "Wildfire" among the most frequent pre-release inclusions. The group will celebrate Greetings release with appearances on Willie Nelson's Outlaw Music Festival Texas stops on June 30 and July 2, and plans to be on the road steadily through November. An appearance on NBC's Today show is planned during July, and Burns hopes that "a big headlining tour" will be in the offing soon.