The Faim Premiere Dramatic New Video for 'Summer Is a Curse': Exclusive

The Faim
Max Fairclough 

The Faim

The Faim’s new arena-sized single “Summer is a Curse,” co-written by 5 Seconds of Summer’s Ashton Irwin, now has a fiery video to match.

The Aussie four-piece have been riding a wave started by their recent singles “Saints of the Sinners” (co-written by Fall Out Boy leader Pete Wentz), "Summer is a Curse," and “Midland Lane" -- all produced by the legendary John Feldmann -- which have received high praise both commercially and critically, drawing comparisons to Blink-182, All Time Low, and FOB themselves along the way.

“Summer is a Curse’ is a reflection of our journey as a band,” says vocalist Josh Raven. “Being placed out of Australia and in LA for the first time as a band, we got thrown into this whole new world of exciting experiences and pressures. As frightening as it was, and no matter our feelings at home, it became this tunnel vision of realizing that we had this chance to make our dreams a reality.”

The video is the first narrative-driven one that the band has done, showcasing a pair of lovers surrounded by a less than supportive father and how they manage to escape it.

"Feeling trapped or afraid is a feeling everybody experiences at some point in their lives," the group explains. "We wanted to show that emotion as a way to better your world instead of letting it define you.”

Feldmann, who has worked on albums with pop-punk greats Blink-182, Good Charlotte, and All Time Low, saw the potential in the young band immediately. “When I first Face Timed The Faim from Perth, I knew I had something very special on my hands," he relates.

No stranger to talent either, Irwin took to an interest in The Faim because he sees something of himself and his own band in them.

“I am passionate about younger bands, because we are one, and at one point seven years ago we were young boys with the right attitude towards living a dream that seemed unreachable,” says Irwin. “It is attainable if you are willing to go every single extra mile. I saw this in The Faim.”