How Well Do Calpurnia Know Each Other? (Video)

To celebrate today’s release of their debut EP Scout, Calpurnia’s members sat down with Billboard to find out how well they know each other.

Asked who the biggest troublemaker in the band is, singer/guitarists Finn Wolfhard and Ayla Tesler-Mabe and bassist Jack Anderson all answer that it’s drummer Malcolm Craig, with Tesler-Mabe saying, “Do you see that smile? That’s what trouble looks like.” The band also points out that Craig said a “naughty word” earlier, and is therefore a “rebel.”

The group is also asked who would survive the Upside Down (the parallel universe from Wolfhard’s show Stranger Things), resulting in mixed responses, with each member getting a nomination.

“I wouldn’t even go in the first place, so I’d be fine” says Tesler-Mabe, who votes for herself. Wolfhard opts for Anderson because he’s “a good camper and a good survival guide.”

Who in Calpurnia is most likely to embarrass themselves in front of their crush? Three out of four members vote for Wolfhard. “I feel like Finn would pull up some really pretentious indie movie and they would get scared,” explains Anderson.

The group is then posed the question of who is most likely to be a stand-up comedian. Wolfhard votes for himself, confiding that he wanted to be a stand-up comedian when he was younger. “And by younger I mean now,” he adds with a smile.

The gang is also asked who is most likely to become president, who the best dancer is and who cries the most during movies. You can find out who they picked in the video above.