Nic Pool Is Caught Under 'The Falls' in New Single: Exclusive

Nic Pool
Emmy Wildwood

Nic Pool

Tucson, Ariz. singer-songwriter Nic Pool is breaking out from the crush of lingering struggles on his debut single “The Falls," premiering exclusively on Billboard today (June 14).

“The song is about how grief can feel like being stuck beneath a waterfall -- how loss can derail you, overtake you, numb you, and sometimes it takes years to pull yourself out of the cycle,” Pool tells Billboard.

The song mimics its metaphorical ebb and flow with a surge of sound that recedes into a soothing guitar melody and driving percussion. Pool is a vocal force, equally intoning power and soul in an ultimately uplifting experience.

Produced by Elliot Jacobson (Elle King, Ingrid Michaelson) the track is the type of mature debut that displays Pool’s dynamic skills while suggesting we’ve only just scratched the surface.

Check out “The Falls” below and visit the Nic Pool website here for more updates.

Editor's note: Nic Pool is a former Billboard staffer.