Slayer Fan Gets Kicked Out of Concert, Tries to Swim Back to the Venue

Mauricio Santana/Getty Images

 Tom Araya of Slayer performs live on stage at Autodromo de Interlagos on May 13, 2017 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Metal titans Slayer are currently on their last run before retirement, but it would seem that this run has seen fan commitment reach a new peak. At their show in Toronto Tuesday (May 29), an inebriated fan who had been booted by security for rowdy behavior literally tried to swim back to the gig.

It all began when Chris LaRoque, a hardcore fan, got the boot during one of the opening acts for “headbanging and moshing around a little bit." Desperate times call for desperate measures: Slayer and opener Anthrax were two of his favorite bands, and there's no way he was going to miss the action. As captured by the latter band’s guitarist Scott Ian, LaRoque decided to take to the waters of Lake Ontario to try and get back into the water-surrounded Budweiser Stage. 

LaRoque didn’t make it back in, with security and medical personnel thankfully waiting for him on the other side of the lake. But the online consensus from fans -- despite some questioning his report of being "just a little" toasted -- was unequivocally that LaRoque was “so metal” for his bravery, with one fan even offering him tickets for the next leg of the tour. Despite the aqueous treachery of his actions, all’s well that ends well for this tenacious fan of metal’s unholiest. 

“I was a little inebriated, not like fall-down drunk or nothing, but I was feeling pretty good,” he later told Exclaim!. “I was worried about getting my junk in the water and freezing.” 

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