The Record Company Reflect On Their Childhood in 'The Movie Song': Exclusive Premiere

Jen Rosenstein
The Record Company

Los Angeles-based power rock trio The Record Company is gearing up to release their sophomore effort, and their latest track “The Movie Song,” exclusively premiering on Billboard today (May 31), is a rhythmic country-infused tune that shifts its focus to the band’s lyrics, steel guitar and harmonica. Overall, the track sets a drastically different tone from the band’s rock-driven lead single “Life to Fix.”

The six-minute track hones in on the theme of nostalgia, and has frontman Chris Vo “thinking 'bout my brothers, and the things we used to do,” as he quite literally sings. He belts on the chorus, “Everybody wanna make a movie, everybody acting like a star, every time we all get together, nothing changed at all.” The band harmonizes with him, adding a sort of exclamation point. The trio lets their instruments do the talking at minute four, rocking out for the track’s climatic halfway mark.

An accompanying lyric video is composed of amateur footage of the band recording in their living room (where their debut Give It Back To You was supposedly recorded in full with thrifted instruments.) The video also features concert footage from their performance at Madison Square Garden, where they opened up for John Mayer on his Search For Everything tour earlier this year, as well as many candid shots of their LA hometown.

Check out the video below: