Alternative Career Path: 6 Young Hollywood Actors Who Are Also Indie Artists

Dylan Minnette Wallows
Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

Dylan Minnette of Wallows performs onstage during the "Strange 80's" benefit at The Fonda Theatre on May 14, 2017 in Los Angeles. 

Dylan Minnette, Tyler Posey and more who pull double-duty.

For those who are loyal viewers of both Netflix and late night talk shows, you might've spotted a familiar face delivering an enthusiastic performance as the musical guest on May 8's episode of The Late Late Show With James Corden. Dylan Minnette, who leads the "Pictures of Girls"-serenading indie trio, Wallows, has reprised his role as mystery-solving Clay Jensen for season two of the Netflix original drama, 13 Reasons Why.

Billboard has rounded up just a few up-and-coming music groups that feature some of Young Hollywood's most coveted starlets. Check out these under-30 favorites who steal the show both on screen and on stage.

Dylan Minnette - Wallows

While the aforementioned three-piece are fresh off the release of their major label debut, Spring EP, Wallows -- also comprised of co-frontman Braeden Lemasters and drummer Cole Preston -- are over a decade in the making. Now just 21, Minnette and company deliver a unique blend of pop-rock that feels both classic and modern, taking prominent influence from alternative mainstays like The Strokes and Vampire Weekend and giving it a refreshing twist. The band floats on a spectrum between the bouncing riffs of "Pictures of Girls" and the acoustic heartbreak jam "1980s Horror Film." No matter which side the band's next round of material veers toward, Minnette is destined to lead the forthcoming generation of indie rockers alongside Wallows just as strongly as he's destined to become one of his own generation's biggest names in acting.

Finn Wolfhard - Calpurnia

The endearing, rough-around-the-edges crooning that leads this Vancouver four-piece belongs to none other than Stranger Things and IT star Finn Wolfhard. The 15-year-old's ensemble, Calpurnia, have the least expansive catalog among this list, but fans of their first three singles "City Boy," "Louie" and "Greyhound" don't have much longer to wait before the garage rockers unveil their debut EP, Scout, this June. Along with the musically precocious childhood friends who comprise his band (Ayla Tesler-Mabe, Jack Anderson and Malcolm Craig), Wolfhard puts forth a mighty effort to prove he can rock on and off-screen.

Nat Wolff & Alex Wolff - Nat and Alex Wolff

Yes, that Nat and Alex. The same brother duo who penned songs about tween heartbreak and resenting school on Nickelodeon's The Naked Brothers Band from 2007-2009 are no strangers to the big screen as of late. Nat, now 23, is perhaps most recognizable for his back-to-back roles in John Green film adaptations, starring alongside Ansel Elgort and Shailene Woodley in The Fault in Our Stars as well as opposite Cara Delevigne in Paper Towns. 20-year-old Alex has garnered unlikely success in the realm of non-fiction dramas by portraying one of the Boston Marathon bombers in Patriots Day, as well as a close companion of one of the country's most infamous serial killers in My Friend Dahmer. Regarding music, the pair proves they've still got it through the acoustic and piano-brimming indie pop tunes of their latest EP, 2016's Public Places. 

Joe Keery - Post Animal

For enthusiasts of Chicago's DIY rock scene, Post Animal was a well-known name even before 26-year-old Joe Keery started kicking demogorgon butt on Stranger Things. While Keery's portrayal of Steve Harrington might've ushered in a new wave of Post Animal fans, their recognition is well-deserved. Their debut full-length, When I Think of You in a Castle, is a goldmine of nostalgic psychedelic rock influences that will continue to stand the test of time. Despite the viral fame associated with them, Post Animal are absolutely more than capable of standing on their own -- and thankfully so, considering Keery's "work obligations" that have prevented him from joining the band for live performances as of late. Full-time members Dalton Allison, Jake Hirshland, Javi Reyes, Wesley Toledo and Matt Williams pack a collective punch with their individual talents regardless.

Zoe Kravitz - Lolawolf

Okay, so maybe music was in Zoë Kravitz's destiny, considering her legendary father Lenny. But rather than rousing, retro rock 'n' roll, the 29-year-old Kravitz crafts a left-of-center mix of R&B and electropop along with producer Jimmy Giannopoulos under the name of their duo, Lolawolf. Kravitz has had her schedule pretty full lately, starring in HBO's hit drama Big Little Lies, but Lolawolf lives; the pair released their latest single, the simply sultry "Baby I'm Dyin,'" last December. They've yet to reveal clues regarding their next studio album, but it seems moody club tunes from Kravitz aren't out of the question for the near future.

Tyler Posey - PVMNTS 

Around the time MTV’s Teen Wolf went off the air in 2017, the fantasy-drama’s heartthrob-by star formed a rock band with his old pals Freddy Ramirez and Nick Guzman. PVMNTS are unabashed disciples of ‘90s and ’00s pop-punk, but their slick, pogo-ready sound adds mature dimensions their forefathers often lacked. “We cover topics like depression, losing loved ones, and suicide,” Posey, now 26, recently told Billboard, discussing 2018’s Better Days EP, their debut release.