Ana Egge Shares Playful 'You Among the Flowers' Lyric Video: Premiere

Ana Egge
Shervin Lainez

Ana Egge

World circumstances led Ana Egge to "not hold back at all" in making her new album, White Tiger -- including the track "You Among The Flowers," whose lyric video is premiering exclusively below.

"The gloves are off, apparently," the Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter tells Billboard. "Basically with the shift in our society and everything that's happening with the news and the manipulation of what we think is real and Trump as president, I really started thinking about what I can do more. I was having a talk with a friend who said, 'Songwriting is your superpower, so figure it out.' So I think a lot of that energy comes through most of the songs. I figured I was going to write everything that comes up and not hold back and tell my truth."

That doesn't mean White Tiger -- which comes out June 8 and features guest appearances by Anais Mitchell and Billy Strings, among others -- is a virulently political album, however. "It's an invitation," Egge explains. "I'm a soldier for peace and I would hope for justice, but it's really about what can I do but tell my truth and try to lift people up a little bit as a musician and bring people together. I think that's more important than ever. Living in New York, there's so many people walking around, dazed, with headphones. It's like music is a balm for them." That steered Egge into a new emotional direction as well, which she credits partly to producer Alec Spiegelman.

"A lot of my songs in the past have been very moody and sad, about getting through stuff," Egge says. "But this record has a levity to it. I released that one song, 'Dance Around The Room With Me,' and my friends were like, 'It makes me feel good. It makes me feel happy.' It was really fun and playful working with Alec." "You Among The Flowers," in fact, was a favorite of Spiegelman, who "really dug into it" to create a light-spirited track that counters a darker lyrical tone.

"It was initially about an attraction and then questioning that and just exploring that little moment of meeting someone," Egge says. "It took me to (John Milton's) Paradise Lost for some reason -- real happy stuff, right? But so much of that song was about that guitar riff that's up front and loud and came from my obsession with playing that riff over and over and finding a melody over it. It's an interesting mix, that song." The attraction, for Egge, "became a song. That's what you do when you're happily married -- you don't pick the flowers," and the lyric video -- directed by Nancy Howell and Mark Lerner -- brings a whole other dimension to the track.

"The head of the label knows them and saw another video they made similar to that and thought it would work here," Egge says. "I like the way everything is three-dimensional with the textures and the embroidery and all of that. It's totally not intentional, but there's something going on there."

Egge is currently on the road and incorporating songs from White Tiger into her set. She's currently adding more dates for the summer, which will be announced soon.