K. Flay Gives Fans a Taste of Life on Tour in 'Slow March' Video: Watch

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K.Flay, "Slow March"

In her new visual for "Slow March," released May 1, K.Flay tackles the feelings associated with season changes and gives fans a taste of her high-energy live shows.

"Slow March" keeps it real as K. Flay, who is currently on tour in support of her 2017 release Every Where is Some Where, sings about going through the motions every month despite attempts to overcome these feelings. While there’s an air of sadness to the lyrics, K. Flay ends the track on an optimistic note -- as spring comes around and the flowers bloom, there’s the hope that a new season can invigorate people too.  

Throughout the video for "Slow March", K. Flay perseveres as she rocks out on stage, engages with her fans and bandmates, and dances away the blues. 

Watch K. Flay's latest video below.