Superchunk's Video for 'Erasure' Is a Shot of Power Pop for Nerve-Jangled Times: Watch

Lissa Gotwals


What if the prevailing mood of our times is a giddy reversal of progress, logic and beauty, and all of it shoved in our faces with news alerts and indignant tweets? If 2018 has mostly been an exhausting slog in that regard, Superchunk feels you, and while they ain’t claiming it’s a panacea for hatred and dumbness, perhaps a dose of joyously nerve-jangled power pop is what the doctor ordered.

Enter the video for “Erasure,” from the group’s new album What a Time To Be Alive, which wonderfully articulates the 24/7 soul-deadening milieu. In the video, innocent citizens and commuters deal with the aftershocks of asinine Trump tweets about haters and losers, but cleverly, only in those precious, silent moments of exhaustion in the shower or traffic where we all want to say, “Shut up, shut up, shut up.”

Says the band's Mac McCaughan, “The song ‘Erasure' is about the desire and attempt, on the part of the old white men currently running this country, to erase the experience, history, and existence of entire groups of people who don’t look or think like them … When director Whitey McConnaughy heard the song and started thinking about video ideas, he heard another angle, which is also a theme of our album: Given today’s anxiety-inducing, creeping authoritarianism, how do we get through each day when we feel like we’re losing our minds?”

You can watch the video for “Erasure” below and tune your own anxieties to this confetti burst of a pop song.


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