Billie Joe Armstrong Surprise Drops Debut Album & Video From New Band The Longshot

Courtesy Photo
The Longshot "Love Is For Losers"

Even in the midst of crafting a film adaptation of American IdiotBillie Joe Armstrong isn't too busy to keep rocking. After a few weeks of teasing, the Green Day leader surprise dropped the debut from his latest side project: The Longshot, whose debut album and first official video dropped on Friday (Apr. 20).

Armstrong and his new bandmates rock out under the glow of flashing carnival lights in the clip for "Love is for Losers," an angsty, catchy punk tune that provides a more pop-inflected counterpoint to Armstrong's sometimes more strident classics. Although the "basket case" doesn't appear to be wearing even a speck of his iconic eyeliner in the clip, his unmistakable vocals are as prominent as ever as he defiantly dismisses romance.

More of Armstrong's angsty-pop sound can be heard on The Longshot's 11-song debut LP, also entitled Love is for Losers. A post on the band's Instagram page reveals that all tracks were written by Armstrong, with the exception of closer, "Goodbye to Romance" -- a cover of a lighter-waving Ozzy Osbourne ballad from his 1980 solo debut Blizzard of Ozz.

According to NME, The Longshot's lineup consists of guitarist Kevin Preston, drummer David S. Field and Green Day touring guitarist Jeff Matika, and the four-piece are set to perform their first live show this weekend. 

Watch The Longshot's "Love is for Losers" video, and listen to the full eponymous debut album below.