Weathers Highlight Mental Health & Acceptance on 'I'm Not OK': Exclusive

Bella Howard


"It’s okay to not be okay," says Cameron Boyer, the 21-year-old singer and rhythm guitarist for Weathers, the four-piece L.A.-based band whose musical influences include such alt-rock icons as The Cure and the Pixies, as well as Boyer's modern personal favorite, The Killers.

What makes this band unique isn't just their rhythmic energy and catchy new wave inspired tunes, though, but the purpose behind the music. Their message empowers through the acceptance of something we all consider flaws at some point -- "I'm just like everyone else/ Fucked up like everyone else/ So what if I'm not okay?" Boyer sings on "I'm Not OK," off the group's EP, Kids in the Night Part 1, encapsulating their overriding theme. The band drop the live studio version of the video for the track today (Apr. 18).

The quartet is made up of Boyer (vocals), Cameron Olsen (guitar), Brennen Bates (bass) and Cole Carson (drums), who range from their late teens to early twenties. They came together in a number of different ways -- Boyer met Olsen at a battle of the bands, Bates through a Facebook post seeking a bass player and Carson through their dads, who used to play in a high school band together. They've been together for three years and Boyer says their name is inspired by their personal growth. "We have seen each other go through a lot of changes," says Boyer. "So it only made sense that our name was Weathers. Kind of how like the weather changes."

Their theme is consistent through their EP, with "I'm Not OK," "1983," The Night Is Calling," and "Carry Us Home," all touching on either mental health issues or problems people face within themselves. Even sonically, the band incorporates glitches to purposely symbolize imperfections. Weathers doesn't dwell on problems that make us all human, but rather offer solace with lyrics that are refreshingly straightforward accompanied by fun upbeat, alternative sounds, with a celebratory sound that rises above the apparent stumbles. Most importantly, they reassure others that they're not alone. "It’s kind of taking the past experiences in your life that aren’t so great and actually making them good experiences," says Boyer. "It's really kind of understanding that the bad experiences are only temporarily bad. It ultimately makes you a stronger person."

Boyer recommends listening to the band's music for the first time while driving alone at night to set the mood and get the best experience. He hopes listeners formulate their own relationships to each song before sharing with friends and starting a conversation about their own struggles. "I really hope people listen to the music, feel empowered, and feel okay about being who they are," he says.

Weathers is confirmed to drop their second EP, Kids in the Night Part 2 on May 11, followed by their upcoming full album, Kids in the Night, expected in June. Check out "I'm Not OK" below.