Trampled By Turtles Debut 'We All Get Lonely,' Talk First Album After Hiatus

Trampled By Turtles
David McClister

Trampled By Turtles

Dave Simonett may not have been sure when Trampled By Turtles would be regrouping, but he knew he had at least one song in his hip pocket for when the time came -- "We All Get Lonely," premiering exclusively below and featured on Life Is Good On The Open Road, TBT's first new album in four years.

The singer and guitarist tells Billboard that he wrote the song before making his Dead Man Winter album Furnace, which came out during 2017. "I wasn't finished by the time I recorded that, but I had the basic idea of it down and it went on the back burner," Simonett says. "Then one day I was kind of digging around for stuff to work on and found it. We didn't play it at all until the studio, but it came together pretty naturally."

That's an apt description for TBT's return to active duty, too. Refreshed by the break -- "I think in any relationship maybe some space, some time is all you need," Simonett says -- the rootsy outfit took itself to banjo player Dave Carroll's family cabin in northern Minnesota to get reacquainted both personally and musically. "It was pretty casual, I'll put it that way," Simonett says. "We hadn't really hung out for almost two years, so we got together, had some drinks, worked on a couple of songs I had started. It was more like a social get-together than anything. It was really a great time to reconnect with everybody and share some ideas."

The gathering also cemented the musicians' commitment to making music together again. "I think musically, artistically, mentally it was great for everybody to spend some time doing something else," Simonett notes. "We had to get to a point where we missed it, and it was a great feeling knowing we were coming back. I'm more excited to go play Trampled By Turtles music now than I have been in years, and I think everybody feels the same way, which makes me really happy."

TBT will launch Life Is Good On The Open Road which comes out May 4, with a pair of home town shows on May 4-5 in St. Paul, Minn., before embarking on a U.S. run, with an extensive North American run booked into September. This year also marks the group's 15th anniversary, which makes the regrouping well-timed. "I look back at when we started and life was a lot different for all of us back then," Simonett says. "None of us had kids, we were all living in the same town, everybody was working at restaurants or day jobs. I was doing carpentry work. That seems like another lifetime ago. This band has been the longest constant thing in my adult life. I'm glad it still is."