Marilyn Manson Drops Bone-Chilling 'Tattooed In Reverse' Video With Courtney Love: Watch

Marilyn Manson "Tattooed In Reverse"
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Marilyn Manson "Tattooed In Reverse"

The Hole singer is now Nurse Courtney.

"I'm not stable, I'm not a showhorse," Marilyn Manson chants in his latest quintessentially creepy music video -- and the lyrics are proven true. The "Tattooed in Reverse" clip was released Friday (March 23), featuring a brief cameo from his old frenemy Courtney Love and Manson isn't kidding. It portrays a wheelchair-bound Marilyn being rolled down an eerie hospital hallway by nurse Love. Spliced in between are clips of a deranged young patient, who flip-flops from being tormented in her hospital gown during what appears to be unnecessary surgery to seductively dancing on a platform while surrounded by a faceless mob.

It seems safe to assume she meets an ill fate as the song ends.

Manson teased the video on Twitter Wednesday (March 21) with an ominous ten-second trailer captioned "Who allowed Courtney Love to be my nurse?" The appearance of the Hole singer and the glitchy, grainy visuals elicit a major '90s ambience that recalls memories of Manson's earlier hits. 

The "Tattooed In Reverse" video was directed by Bill Yukich and stars Glo Taylorr as the unlucky patient. Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis, also makes an appearance.

The track comes from Manson's tenth studio album, Heaven Upside Down, which was released last October. The Satanic rock star will kick off a co-headlining tour with Rob Zombie this summer despite suffering serious onstage injuries last year.

Watch the hair-raising "Tattooed In Reverse" video below. [Warning: contains adult language and themes.]