Lowlight Shares 'Nights and Weekends' From Cheekily-Titled 'Born to Run' Album: Premiere

Derril Sellers


It takes a little chutzpah to be a New Jersey band and call one of your releases Born To Run -- especially if you're from the part of New Jersey that That Guy comes from, too. But that's exactly what the Garden State's Lowlight has done with its upcoming EP, whose track "Nights And Weekends" is premiering below.

"We've got a particular sense of humor," singer Renee Maskin explains to Billboard. "Lambchop called their third record Thriller, so me and the guys were laughing about that, like, 'If we were ever gonna do something like that, what are we gonna call the record?' First we could call it The Wall, but this isn't really a political record. So how about Born To Run?' Thematically within the record there's a lot of running, whether it's physical or emotional, so it works that way."

There's been no word from the Springsteen camp, however. "Nobody told me that he's heard about it," she says. "I don't know him, but I'd be curious to see what he would think about it."

Born To Run represents something of a change for Lowlight, with a lineup switch taking the group in a more synthesizer-featuring indie rock kind of direction from the Americana-leaning approach of its predecessor. "We're pretty happy about it," Maskin reports. "We had to reform our sound a little, but we think it feels a little more natural. We've gotten to know each other better, it more naturally formed into the more synth, expansive direction. There was a taste of that on the first record, but it's become the more dominant direction for the band this time. The first record was a little bit more of a challenge and this one kind of created itself, which is usually the best way for it to happen."

The "Nights And Weekends" track meanwhile, came from a riff guitarist Derril Sellers came up with. "It was an Americana-y sort of thing, and we just started playing chords over that," Maskin says. "It's a song for songwriters; It's about the hustle and sacrifice of being a musician doing original work and also keeping the bills paid. It's about the sacrifice you've got to go through just keeping the roof over your head and manage to be in a band and tour and do all those things you like to do. There's a lot that weighs on you in that kind of situation."

With Born To Run out March 30, Lowlight is gearing up for a tour with the Pretenders, which starts March 25 in Miami Beach. The group has also filmed a video for another Born To Run track, "Can't Stop Now."

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