Tommy Wiseau Stars as a Raygun-Wielding Spurned Lover in The Neighbourhood's 'Scary Love' Video: Watch

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Tommy Wiseau in the video for "Scary Love" by The Neighbourhood.

The 'Room' auteur shoots lasers, moans about lost love.

Fooled you! Earlier this week it was leaked that awful auteur Tommy Wiseau -- the infamous director of the best worst movie ever made, The Room -- was slated to follow up his cameo in James Franco's story of his life, The Disaster Artist, by appearing as a bounty hunter in the new film Scary Love. More than 14 years after Wiseau made the midnight movie classic The Room, the enigmatic filmmaker with the untraceable accent and mysterious funding sources has once again fooled us all.

It turns out that Scary Love is not a movie, but the video for the song of the same name from the band The Neighbourhood. Wiseau, hidden behind dark sunglasses and a voluminous trench coat, plays a heartbroken stranger who enters a neon-lit cafe staffed by the band's members, whose glowing eyes betray some kind of alien DNA.

Tapping his leather gloved hands on the counter and shaking his head in frustration, Wiseau just can't seem to get the punk waitresses' attention as the song's lyrics plead, "Your love is scaring me/ No one has ever cared for me/ As much as you do, ooh, yeah, I need you here."

Frustrated, Wiseau howls "I used to love you!" in his signature indistinct, vaguely European accent, banging his hands on the lunch counter and howling. "Where are you?" he yells as he pulls out a ray gun and starts aiming it at the gum-snapping server with the illuminated eyes. The B-movie-like futuristic drama ends in a flurry of the kind of low-tech not-so-special effects we've come to expect from Wiseau's films.

Check it out below.

The Neighbourhood's new eponymous third album is out now on Columbia Records and the band is gearing up for a headlining North American tour that will kick off April 6 at the Ogden in Denver, Colorado; click here for tour dates.