Lucy Rose Shares Unvarnished 'All That Fear' Video: Premiere

Lucy Rose
Courtesy Photo

Lucy Rose

Lucy Rose expected to make a full production video for "All That Fear," a track from the British singer-songwriter's third album, 2017's Something's Changing. But the right time, place and light resulted in the low-key and decidedly less expensive clip filmed by her husband and tour manager William Morris, premiering exclusively below.

"We were in Brisbane and just had a normal hotel room with one big window and the sun was coming right in," Rose tells Billboard. "I didn't have any makeup on and my hair was greasy, but I thought it might be good to not glamour myself before being in front of a camera, which for most music videos you tend to do. The idea of just having the sunlight from the window lighting my face from different angles sounded good. So I thought, 'Let's just do it here. Let's try this...' I thought it would be awful, but it was quite cool."

Rose and Morris wound up using six different angles, with one that aped the back cover photo from the album as a mirror image. The approach also worked even better for the song, according to Rose. "It's about how there's a million different angles and versions of you. Sometimes you're hiding. I thought it would be good to show those in (the video)," she explains.

Rose remains on the road supporting Something's Changing, which came out last July. The shows have shown her "that people like it," and Rose is particularly happy to find the songs playing well solo as well as with trio or fuller bands she's able to take on the road in the U.K. "The songs sound good however I do them, whether it's solo or with a band," Rose reports. "With my other records I relied a lot on the rest of the band and the production, and when I stripped it all back I wasn't sure how the songs were standing on their own. So what I wanted to achieve on (Something's Changing) was an album I could tour and play the songs acoustically and they'd stand up on their own. I was like, 'I wonder how this will go down?' as you always are, but it all seems to be good."

Rose kicks off a short North American run on March 6 in Los Angeles and has a few European dates on tap for April. A "four-month tour at the end of the year with another artist" is a possibility, but Rose is also craving a little down time as well. "I was hoping to maybe have a break over the summer," she says, "not do the festivals, start thinking about the next record. Also just having some have some time at home would be really nice. But then you have another opportunity come along, so it's kind of never-ending. But I love it. I really do love being away and being on the road."