Jared & The Mill Premiere New Song 'Soul in Mind'

Jared & The Mill
Ash Ponders

Jared & The Mill

Indie Rock band Jared & The Mill discuss their dreams and continuing the pursuits of happiness on their latest track “Soul in Mind.”

The song came to lead vocalist Jared Kolesar after an in-depth conversation with his mother. He soon realized he missed the simplicity of pouring summer rains in the high deserts, while contemplating his dreams and the plans for the rest of his life.

Jared & The Mill often sing songs with messages of authenticity, open-mindedness and acknowledgement of others' opinions, similar to this song, which acts as an ode to their fans of living up to their capabilities and being who they imagine themselves to be.

"Paint my heart with gold and call me what you like," the lyrics go. "Split me up in two and keep the better side, and I’ll try to be just like that guy."

Those lines are “an open dialogue with our fans telling them that I will always try to be what they envision me as, because I know they believe in me and the guys, but it’s not always easy,” Kolesar said.

You can call their music whatever you’d like, but the band describes their sound as something they love to share in hopes to make everyone feel they are not alone.

The band is currently headlining their own tour, including performances at SXSW. They are also working on their highly anticipated new album, set to be released late this year. Including production from Ethan Allen and mixed by Ryan Hewitt, this album exposes their story and a range of emotions.

“Finding real meaning in life has to be dug deep and savored because it’s rare,” he shared with Billboard.

Check out "Soul in Mind" below: