Singer-Songwriter Tom Gallo Confronts Darkness in Haunting Single 'Tell Me The Ghost': Video Premiere

Tom Gallo
Morgan Gallo

Tom Gallo

Signer/songwriter Tom Gallo has always been contemplating the meaning behind death, love and loss since he was a kid, and now turns these ideas in to haunting songs. Gallo just released a new single and video, which is being exclusively premiered on Billboard today (Feb. 23).

“Tell Me The Ghost” is the title track off of Gallo’s upcoming album, due March 30. The single features soft guitar riffs and Gallo’s whispery vocals, accompanied by a mesmerizing video. While the track was the last one written for the album, Gallo feels it's a perfect summary of the entire LP.

“In many ways, it feels like the song that is most representative of what I'm trying to understand through making the album," he tells Billboard. "Which is just the basic concepts of love and loss and how you can't understand or appreciate one without the other."

The song also explores the idea of death, something Gallo obsessed over as a child. “When I was really young, like first grade young, I thought about death all the time, but not in a morbid way at all. I was happy,” he explains. “It was just something I knew was coming for everyone and somehow I felt blissfully at ease with the notion of some day disappearing. However, as I've gotten older and have become intoxicated with the people I cherish most -- it's totally flipped. Now the thought of losing them is terrifying, which let's be honest, is probably a more natural response. But, I'm trying to now reconcile those things. To wake up to the fact that there is no tomorrow. That there is only this moment and the next and the next. That tomorrow is right now. And that's really not good or bad. It just is."

The black-and-white video, directed by Andrew Gallo -- coincidentally unrelated to Tom -- was shot in blues icon Lead Belly's old house. “I stayed there for the weekend, slept in Lead Belly's old bedroom and filmed the video,” the signer says. “This was especially relevant to me because old blues artists like Lead Belly and Robert Johnson were a massive influence for this album and the reason I gave myself such limitations in creating it.”

Check out the song and the video below.