Indie Rock Band Company Of Thieves Talk Group's 'Rejuvenation,' Premiere New Track 'Window'

Company of Thieves
Shervin Lainez

Company of Thieves

After taking a hiatus in 2013, Chicago indie rock band Company Of Thieves have returned with their new single “Window,” premiering today (Feb. 8) on Billboard.

The track starts out with low-key ukulele strumming, the quickly builds to an impactful rock song about strong friendships. The song is from their upcoming EP Better Together, due Feb. 23.

Company Of Thieves is currently on tour with Walk The Moon on their Press Restart Tour. Billboard spoke to founding members Genevieve Schatz and Marc Walloch about the track, which you can stream below.

What’s the inspiration behind "Window"?

Genevieve Schatz: Window is about great friends, and how they can see something in you that you can’t quite see yet in yourself. It’s about finding a window where it feels like there is only a wall. It’s really about celebrating life in that way and acknowledging that there is so much more to come.

Do you feel like that’s a mantra for your band right now, since you were on a hiatus and now you’re back?

Schatz: Definitely, yeah. It’s meant to be. Our story is yet to fully unfold.

What drew you guys back to working together after you did your solo projects?

Marc Walloch: I think when we took a break, we didn’t know whether it was permanent or temporary. We just kinda needed space. We met when we were 18 and kinda hit the ground running pretty fast and hard. It’s kind of like tunnel vision when you’re that young, trying to achieve a dream -- like being in a band and traveling the world. So we hit the wall, we took some time apart, and in moments like that you gain some kind of perspective, and realize that maybe this was meant to be. You realize, “Oh, I still have space for this in my life,” and that’s what we realized when we took that time apart. We’ve grown so much as individuals apart, and we’ve always wanted to reach our full potential that we never got a chance to yet. Everything that we’ve learned, we can apply those lessons to this scenario that we love so much. It’s very exciting for us, it’s like a gift that we get a second chance, in a way.

So you have this EP coming out, do you have plans for a full-length soon?

Walloch: We do! I think because we’ve been gone for so long, we don’t wanna disappear for several months and make a full-length right now, so we are trying to keep a flow of content coming out. We hope to have a full-length in the works later in the year, but before then, we’re gonna keep working and releasing videos and singles. The goal is always to make a full record.

You’re on tour with Walk The Moon right now, what has that been like?

Schatz: We are in the middle of our tour right now, it’s incredible! We’re friends with them, so it’s fun for us to cheer them on every night and see them grow. People who listen to Walk The Moon are genuine music lovers, so they check out our set and they’re very open-hearted. So we get to make new friends and it feels really natural!

Schatz: It was really fun to play Philly. The night we played is the night the Eagles won, which was so wild! Albuquerque was incredible.

Walloch: Albuquerque was a town where people are really excited that a band is coming through. For a performer, that’s all you can ask for. To play to a crowd that wants it that bad. That’s what makes it fun for us. We had a good homecoming show in Chicago, we played Aragon Ballroom, and we all grew up going to shows there. It’s really been great.

Do you have any fun stories from tour?

Schatz: Oh, yeah, one day, we pulled off the highway, right before the Indianapolis show. Pulled into a McDonald's parking lot to get snacks and fries and what not. And we open our van door, and we look down and right next to our van was a sword that had a golden handle and a very medieval, torturous edge with multiple blades on it, called “The Defender.” It felt like we just leveled up in the video game of life.  

Did you take it?

Schatz: Of course!

Walloch: It’s with us every day.

SchatzAlso, we have been noticing the number 23 has been popping us for us. It’s a good thing, though. Before we started the tour we had to assemble and label our instruments, so we realized we had 23 instruments. And we were like, “That’s cool! We’re from Chicago, it’s Michael Jordan’s number, it’s gonna be a slam dunk tour!” And then we started seeing it everywhere. The first night we had a meal as a band, our check number was 23. Then we found out our EP would be coming out on February 23rd. As we were telling this to our friend in New York who helps with PR, she rolls up her sleeve and she just has one tattoo on her arm -- the number 23.

Walloch: Then we had a hotel room that was 223. The day we were finding all of this out, we were having a rough day --

Schatz: Going through a lot of doubts.

Walloch: We needed a rejuvenation on this tour. And I guess you could look up “angelic numbers” and 23 was a reassurance of fate.

Schatz: And creativity. And protection. And our EP, we made some physical copies, the artwork, when you open it up, it has a photo of a digital clock that just happens to have the number 23 on it. And that was made before any of this.

Walloch: Ever since then, the whole tour has been a blast. We’ve been feeling great.