Soul Sisters Podcast: Lizzy Plapinger of MS MR Proves Alt-Rock Isn't Just for 'Boys in Leather Jackets'

Shervin Lainez
Lizzy Plapinger

Lizzy Plapinger kicks the new year off right with Soul Sisters, as the Neon Golden Records co-founder/MS MR frontwoman/solo act known as LPX tells us how she became such a triple-threat talent -- and what challenges still lie ahead for her.

"I'm too alternative for pop but I'm too pop for rock" in the eyes of Spotify playlist-makers, she laments, though she's eager to join the "handful of women who I feel like are really breaking down those walls."

And to those gatekeepers who are still trying to limit alternative rock to "boys in leather jackets," Plapinger points out that it's "not just women supporting women" that the industry needs more of -- though she believes that is "incredibly important."

"It's everyone supporting everyone," she insists. "All hands on deck, everyone treating each other as equals." Now that's a rock 'n' roll anthem we can get behind.

Listen to our full conversation with Plapinger, who, as LPX, has a new EP coming out Jan. 12, and be sure to subscribe to the Soul Sisters iTunes channel for all future episodes!