Watch Stephen Malkmus' 'Unhinged' Cover of Adult Swim's 'Squidbillies' Theme: Premiere

Stephen Malkmus
Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

Stephen Malkmus performs at Boston City Hall Plaza on Sept. 26, 2015 in Boston.

Following the likes of Weird Al, Against Me!, and Alabama Shakes before him, Stephen Malkmus is the latest artist irreverent enough to take on the theme song from Adult Swim's long-running series, Squidbillies.

"It was fun to listen to all the different takes on the theme song available on the ‘net, and to decide what direction to take it," Malkmus tells Billboard. "After several different takes with totally different chords and tempos, we decided to 'bash it out' in a loose, rock band style, keeping the same general chords progressions as the original."

Above, you can watch the Pavement frontman hanging in the studio, laying down his cover of the 35-second jingle, and joking with the rest of the musicians. "The original is kinda unhinged in a psycho-billy country style," he says. "Hopefully we were a bit unhinged too, in our own way."

And check out the finished product below: 

Squidbillies, the noted black comedy about hillbilly squids living in Georgia's Blue Ridge Mountains, is in the middle of its eleventh season, so be on the lookout for Malkmus' cover opening a future episode. 

Courtesy of Adult Swim