To Kill a King Returns to Folk Roots in 'My God and Your God': Exclusive

To Kill A King
Wolf James

To Kill A King

Since the release of their debut album Cannibals With Cutlery in 2013, To Kill A King have been making strides back home in London. The band have toured around the U.K., Europe and U.S. with the likes of Frank Turner, Dog Is Dead and Bastille, and have been compared to The National and Grizzly Bear.

Their upcoming third album, The Spiritual Dark Age, is set to be released January 12 and it just might be the album that makes To Kill A King known around the world. Ahead of the LP's release, today Billboard is premiering one of the album's standout tracks.

"My God and Your God" goes back to the group's old folk roots, weaving together a narrative wrapped in an endlessly catchy package. The song is elevated by lead singer Ralph Pelleymounter's unique and easily distinguishable vocals. “It is the story of two Gods who can't love each other and can't leave each other alone,” Pelleymounter tells Billboard.

To Kill A King has always excelled at creating vivid imagery and capturing moods in tightly executed numbers, and "My God and Your God" is no exception. The band will be headlining a tour across the U.K. in January in support of The Spiritual Dark Age, and will hopefully make their way stateside next year as well.

Listen to "My God And Your God" below: