Flaming Lips Release Trippy Wrapping Paper to Aid Oklahoma City Homeless Charity

Wayne Coyne
George Salisbury

Wayne Coyne of Flaming Lips

The Flaming Lips are spending their holidays giving back to their hometown. The Oklahoma City natives have tapped their psychedelic muse once again for a line of trippy holiday wrapping paper created by singer Wayne Coyne to benefit the Wrap Up Homelessness initiative from the local street paper, The Curbside Chronicle. According to The Oklahoman the Magic Eye-like pattern based on the album art for the band's recent album, Oczy Mlody, joins illustrations from a number of other Oklahoma-based artists for the third annual benefit, including work from Ashley Dawn, Edgardo George, Lance King, Gayle Curry, Jack Fowler and others.

The Chronicle is a local paper published with help from the Homeless Alliance nonprofit that employs workers who are either homeless or at risk for homelessness. Magazine director Ranya O'Connor said Coyne has been a big supporter of the monthly magazine for several years. "He's super friendly and open, sharing personal photos from his childhood and why he wants to continue living in Oklahoma," O'Connor said. "He's a regular, and he buys the magazine. He'll often share picture of him with our vendors."

O'Connor said the paper is available for sale online, but if can buy it directly from a Curbside vendor in Oklahoma City that's even better. "All the profits go back into supporting Curbside Chronicle vendors," he said. "The biggest reason why we created Wrap Up Homelessness was because the holidays can be a bleak time for our vendors. It turns these months into a happier, more inclusive time for them. They might not feel like they have something to offer."

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