Sir Paul McCartney Slams Pres. Trump's Climate Change Denials: 'Forget About Him We Can Do Something'

Sir Paul McCartney, 2017
Larry Marano/REX/Shutterstock

Sir Paul McCartney performs at the American Airlines Arena in Miami on July 7, 2017.

As part of his effort to spread the gospel of vegetarianism, Sir Paul McCartney reportedly spoke to BBC's Radio 1 Newsbeat about a new short film he's promoting, One Day a Week, which encourages people to go just one day a week without eating animal products to help the environment.

"It's not the total solution, but it's part of the solution. A lot of people have been saying this for a long time but there's resistance," said McCartney. "Particularly when you've got someone like Trump who says that it (climate change) is just a hoax. A lot of people like myself think that's just madness so it's maybe a good time now to try and focus people's attention and say 'look, forget about him we can do something'."

Dubbing Trump's attitude about climate change "madness," McCartney accused the president of reversing "a lot of the advances that have been made" in battling global warming, which the president once claimed was invented by the Chinese in an attempt to hurt American manufacturing.

The McCartney film was released ahead of the United Nations Climate Change Conference this week and focuses on animal agriculture as an under-covered aspect of climate change. The foundation of Meat Free Monday is to "raise awareness and inspire people to make a change in their diets from an early achievable starting point." The film is narrated by McCartney and features his music -- including tracks from his 1997 orchestral album Standing Stone and an unreleased song called "Botswana."

For more information about Meat Free Monday and to view One Day a Week, click here.