Ducktails Albums Removed From Streaming Services After Matt Mondanile's Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Matt Mondanile of Real Estate
Barry Brecheisen/Invision/AP

Matt Mondanile of Real Estate performs at the 2014 Pitchfork Music Festival on June 20, 2014 in Chicago. 

Independent music distribution company The Orchard is reportedly responsible, though they are yet to officially comment.

Earlier this month, Spin reported first-hand allegations of sexual abuse from numerous women against Matt Mondanile, former guitarist of New Jersey indie rockers Real Estate and the leader of his own solo project, Ducktails. Real Estate ejected the 32-year old guitarist in May 2016, though its reasons weren’t widely known until recently. In a new development, Pitchfork points out the majority of Ducktails’ discography has been removed from prominent streaming services. 

Of the band’s six-album discography -- including this year’s self-released Jersey Devil -- only the 2009 LP Landscapes (released via the New York City indie Olde English Spelling Bee) remains available on Spotify and Tidal. Gone are a pair of LPs released on Domino Records (the current label home of Real Estate) and a 2011 album released via Woodsist, the imprint founded by Jeremy Earl of the indie rock band Woods

Apple Music has followed suit, save for still including Jersey Devil, the LP quietly released earlier this year on Mondanile’s New Images Limited label.

Pitchfork reports that a source “familiar with the situation” says the independent music distribution company The Orchard is responsible for pulling the music, though they are yet to officially comment on the matter. 

All Real Estate recordings, including Mondanile’s contributions, remain available on streaming services.   

Back on Oct. 20, Mondanile issued a statement through his attorneys responding to the case against him, acknowledging his “inappropriate behavior.”