Late Stone Temple Pilots Frontman Scott Weiland Memoralized by Children Noah and Lucy Via Spotify Playlist

Victoria Will/Invision/AP
Scott Weiland poses for a portrait at the Eddie Bauer Adventure House during the Sundance Film Festival Jan. 24, 2015 in Park City, Utah.

Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland remains hugely influential on the rock community, and Oct. 27 would have been the late singer's 50th birthday. In honor of his legacy, his children -- 17-year-old Noah and 15-year-old Lucy -- put together a playlist of songs they remember their dad by, along with heartfelt captions for each track.  

The playlist, titled "Songs That Remind Me Of My Dad," was published to Spotify by Topsify, with an adorable message attached, which read, "Happy Birthday, Daddy! Here are a few songs that remind us of you on this special day and every day. XOXO-Noah & Lucy." 

In a Facebook post shared on the Stone Temple Pilots' page, the children added their thoughts about each track and explained why they were added to the playlist. Noah and Lucy included an even mix of Stone Temple Pilots songs in with their dad's favorite hits, or songs that they attached fond memories to.

The playlist opens with Weezer's "Island In The Sun," which Lucy practiced with her dad for her school's talent show. She explains, "I wanted to sing this song for my 5th grade talent show. It reminds me of making my dad watch me practice it over and over again. I ended up doing another song when I realized that Weezer wasn’t actually going to back me up."

One track listed in the Facebook post is not available on Spotify, unfortunately: Both children added their father's version of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas," saying, "We are so lucky to still have him with us on Christmas morning. This song feels almost like he’s talking to us." For proper listening, pause after "Cinnamon" to hear Weiland's take on the Christmas classic. 

Christmastime seemed to have a special place in the Weilands' hearts, as "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" was Scott's choice to use for the soundtrack to a particular series of home videos. The children elaborated, saying that The Beatles were "One of our dad's biggest influences. He made a home video with all of our Christmases that began with a close-up of Lucy’s eyes and this song playing."

Lucy gave a much more intimate look into her father's family life when she added an unexpected Kelly Clarkson hit, "Since U Been Gone," to the playlist. "Not a song that you would expect to find on a Scott Weiland playlist, but he was my dad, and every dad with a little girl when this song came out was probably familiar with it. He even took us to her concert and danced with me on his shoulders while I rocked out with my little fists in the air," Lucy wrote. 

Listen to the entire playlist, below.