Courtney Love Performs Punky Cover of Selena Gomez's 'Hands to Myself'

Rachel Murray/Getty Images for GLAAD
Justin Tranter and Courtney Love perform  at Justin Tranter And GLAAD Present 'Believer' Spirit Day Concert at Sayer's Club on Oct. 18, 2017 in Los Angeles.

She performed it as a duet with songwriter Justin Tranter, who was hosting GLAAD's 'Believer' Spirit Day Concert in Los Angeles last week.

When you think of Selena Gomez, you don’t think punk rock -- but Courtney Love managed to make “Hands to Myself” her own at a Los Angeles GLAAD Spirit Day event hosted by superstar songwriter Justin Tranter last week. 

The former Semi Precious Weapons member Tranter, who penned "Hands to Myself," first spoke about his personal connection to Love’s work, before dueting with her on the track.

“I want to bring up the most special guest in the world,” he said while introducing her to the stage. “When I was a little baby musical theater queen, there’s was one woman that made me want to start writing songs. She was a feminist before it was cool, an LGBTQ activist before it was cool. She is the queen of rock and roll.”

Leave it to Love to take an understated song and put it in your face. She roughs up the originally polished song with her gravelly alto. Where Selena’s light vocals wilt during the descending notes of the verse, Courtney’s bellowing into the speaker grows louder. Love takes the lyrics to their literal endpoint, as she places her hands on Tranter while she growls, “Can’t keep my hands to myself.”

Watch Courtney Love’s cover of “Hands to Myself” below.