Knuckle Puck Spoofs Blink-182's 'Rock Show' in Hilarious 'Gone' Video: Premiere

Knuckle Puck, 2017
Anam Merchant

Knuckle Puck

The Chicago band’s new LP ‘Shapeshifter’ dropped Oct. 13 on Rise Records.

On May 2nd + 3rd, Blink-182 was given money by a production company to shoot their new music video. This is what they did with the money.

Knuckle Puck was asked to play a birthday party in Northwest Indiana. This is what happened.

Okay, so we don’t think a moderately bougie Indiana family is offering anything like the video budgets the 2001 music industry was throwing around, but hats off to Knuckle Puck’s modern day take on the Mark, Tom, and Travis show. For “Gone,” a punchy rocker off their new sophomore album, Knuckle Puck pays winking homage to Blink-182’s “Rock Show” video, a staple of their early 2000s MTV heyday. The nod begins with the opening taglines, seen above. 

Instead of partying with strippers and literally throwing money off a building, the Knuckle Puck boys keep matters more budget friendly, but charm us just the same. “We were invited to play a birthday party in September and our friend Miguel Barbosa documented the day for us,” says vocalist Joe Taylor. “It was one of the best days of our lives.” 

Seriously, man. Do us a solid and check out the video below, as the quintet rocks out “Gone” while munching on catered ostrich sliders, smoking fine cigars with the dads, and just generally gallivanting around the suburban Indiana premises. 

Knuckle Puck is currently touring in support of Shapeshifter; check out those dates and order the record here.