Marilyn Manson & Johnny Depp Play God (And The Devil) in NSFW 'Say10' Video: Watch

Johnny Depp and Marilyn Manson
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Johnny Depp and Marilyn Manson in the video for "SAY10"

Which one is god and which one is the devil? It's a question you might ponder after watching the totally NSFW video for Marilyn Manson's single "Say10." One sits on a white throne, his face and hair painted a ghostly white, with streaks of black paint across his lips, eyes and cheeks, a cigarette dangling form his crooked grin. The other strides a black throne, his gangly limbs covered with black leather, face also painted in black and white. Both, of course, are surrounded by nearly naked woman crawling all over their perches.

Just another night out with Manson and his best pal, Johnny Depp? Pretty much. The shock rocker has roped his good friend Depp into his dark shenanigans in the Bill Yukich-directed clip that Manson describes this way in a statement: "After the balloons have all shriveled up and are swallowed in the puddles of puke and idealism, don’t look to Me for sympathy. I am here to be all that I am accused of not being. And to be blamed for what you made Me. The shots you will hear are from a mouth disguised as a gun. Don’t call this art. This is a hard cock in a room full of vampires and the music, man. The music is My foul blood on your faces."

In other words, get ready for creepy figures pushing through a fabric wall behind a woman pleasuring herself on a bed, Manson crawling all over Depp, copious gratuitous nudity, a possessed bible, a crown of thorns, a blood geyser, one masked creep with a knife, a classic Manson farmer's blow of snot and the fable of "cocaine and Able." 

So, yeah, probably just a Tuesday night for these besties with matching Baudelaire back tats. Check it out (Warning: video contains nudity and sexual situations):

The singer was injured on Sept. 30 when a stage prop collapsed on him during a show in New York, leading to the cancelation of nine shows as he recovers in Los Angeles. Manson's 10th album, Heaven Upside Down, is out now.