Linkin Park Post Video of Chester Bennington's Lighthearted 'Lollipops' Song

Linkin Park's music often plumbed the depths of human emotion, delving into the darker parts of our psyche and never shying away from using music as a means to find solace. But, surely there were lots of good, happy times as well, right?

As the members of the group continue to confront their grief in the wake of singer Chester Bennington's suicide, they keep finding ways to pay homage to the side of their beloved bandmate that fans may not have seen. Yes, Chester was intense, but, as evidenced by a funny video LP posted on Monday afternoon (Sept. 25), featuring the caption "cherishing all the times Chester made us laugh," there were plenty of silly times as well. 

In the clip, Bennington is seen backstage strumming a guitar while singing "I like unicorns and you like lollipops, oh yeah" as the rest of the band goof off around him, and encourage Bennington to bust into a silly "unicorns and lollipops" rap.

Bennington, 41, was found dead in his California home on July 20 and the group has announced plans to honor his memory on Oct. 27 with an all-star show at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, where the five living members will perform alongside Avenged Sevenfold, Blink-182, Machine Gun Kelly, KiiaraYellowcard singer William Ryan Key, Bring Me the Horizon, Korn and members of System of a Down.