Canadian Indie Rockers Stars Reach Deeper Into Rock's Pop Sensibilities On 'Alone': Premiere

Stars, 2017
Shervin Lainez


Montreal's Stars have approached writing downcast anthems from several angles over their nearly twenty-year long run. From what we've heard so far, There Is No Love In Fluorescent Light -- the band's upcoming album and their first on Last Gang Records -- appears to be digging deeper into the pop sensibilities of '70s rock. Today (Sept. 21), they're premiering the album's new single "Alone," premiering exclusively with Billboard.

"Alone" continues on their bouncy, immediately-catchy path they set out on with 2014's No One Is Lost. This time around, the band drain some of the submerged synths out of the mix, bringing out in their place hard-strummed, shimmering guitars that trade off bumpy riffs. The result crisscrosses the airy, Mirage-era warmth of Fleetwood Mac with Stars' own lyrical empathy -- something that's become increasingly direct in its intentions.

"Of all the songs I wish I had written, 'Waterloo Sunset' is the one I wish I had written most," singer Torquil Campbell told Billboard. "But I didn't. I wrote this instead. And when I say I, I mean the whole band. All six of us, still making music together -- music about people who feel alone. There must be a lesson in that somewhere. If you find it, please don't get in touch." 

There Is No Love In Fluorescent Light is out October 13 via Last Gang Records.

Listen to "Alone" below.