The Killers Celebrate Their Hit-Filled Career in Intimate Album Release Show

Rob Loud
The Killers perform an exclusive, private show for SiriusXM on Sept. 19, 2017 at Brooklyn Steel in Brooklyn, N.Y.

The Killers have spent their summer headlining festivals around the globe and are no strangers to playing in arena settings. But on Tuesday night (Sept. 19), they brought things back to where it all began. 

In honor of the rock band's fifth studio album, Wonderful Wonderful (out Sept. 22), SiriusXM hosted an intimate show at New York's 1,800-capacity Brooklyn Steel, a club similar to those The Killers played when they were young. Rather than playing only new material, though, The Killers decided to celebrate the many hits that got them to this point in their career.

Singer Brandon Flowers -- sporting a fabulously Elvis-like leather and silver-fringed jacket -- saved his voice for rockstar vocal moments as opposed to banter with the crowd, fulfilling his frontman duties as he bounced around the stage throughout the 17-song set. After opening with a rousing rendition of Wonderful Wonderful lead single “The Man,” Flowers and Co. transitioned to a cover of David Bowie’s “Fame,” which they had delivered in BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge the week prior. 

Following that up with another new track “Run For Cover,” it seemed the audience was in store for an entire show of new material, especially considering the timing. But then taking things back to the early days with “Somebody Told Me” (and subsequently bringing the excitement in the room up a notch with the nostalgia),The Killers proceeded to take fans down memory lane -- fitting for the intimate venue size, one they likely haven’t been able to play since 2006.

Perhaps the only difference from a 2006 Killers show at a 1,800-person concert hall is the preliminary request from event coordinators for attendees to keep their phones down -- a request fans found hard to oblige as the band busted out the likes of “Smile Like You Mean It,” “Human” and “When You Were Young,” with some even furthering the sign of the times by FaceTiming friends to sing along. Despite the iPhone-era influence on the crowd, The Killers’ kept it old-school, reserving the most slots on their set list for tracks from their 2004 smash debut Hot Fuss.


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As any Killers throwback showgoer would want, “Mr. Brightside” served as the pseudo final song of the night, with the energy in the room unsurprisingly heightening as soon as the iconic guitar lick began. Even after finishing their biggest hit, though, The Killers had some unfinished business.

"You're still here!” Flowers exclaimed upon returning to the stage. “We’ve got a few more selections that we're gonna play for ya.”

Closing out with two more Hot Fuss tracks, “Andy You’re a Star” and “Jenny Was a Friend of Mine,” Flowers needed to remind fans that while they clearly love their old material as much as any longtime fan, they’re making a return with some new tunes. “This shit comes out on Friday,” he declared before playing a new song -- seemingly “The Calling," he didn’t specify -- sandwiched in between the oldies.

For an album release week show, it was rather surprising for The Killers to only dish out three Wonderful Wonderful songs at Brooklyn Steel (especially since they have pre-released four to the public). But the night was almost more magical because of the homage to their beginnings, both with the venue and the set list, reminding fans why they’re one of the greatest of their kind -- and they’re not going anywhere.