St. Vincent Talks New Album 'Masseduction' in Final 'Nylon' Print Cover Story

Tak Sugita/Nylon
St. Vincent on the cover of the Oct. 2017 issue of Nylon.

"Racism, sexism or homophobia aside? I’m happy to be misunderstood."

In Nylon's final print issue, the magazine's October edition features Annie Clark (better known by her moniker St. Vincent) on its cover interviewed about her fifth solo album, MASSEDUCTION, which drops Oct. 13. 

In the article, Clark discusses the evolution of her music since her debut album, Marry Me, her past public relationship with British supermodel Cara Delevingne and how her chaotic life has informed her '80s-inspired new record. Even with four albums under her belt, a Grammy win in 2014 for best alternative album and half a lifetime's worth of touring, Clark tells the magazine that she is no where near settling. 

"This one’s better,” she said of MASSEDUCTION. “I was focused on writing the best songs I’d ever written."

Clark has shared two songs off of the album already, "Los Ageless" and "New York," leading fans' to try and analyze her crafty lyrics for underlying meaning -- something she said might miss the point. 

"The point is for the song to mean whatever it means to somebody else," she said. "Some people have a real hang-up about being misunderstood. I don’t care. I would be concerned if someone was like, ‘Wow, she seems like a Holocaust denier.’ But racism, sexism or homophobia aside? I’m happy to be misunderstood." 

Her relationship with Delevigne -- which ended almost exactly a year ago -- is one of the main topics that piques fans' interests and there's plenty for them to try deciphering: "Young Lover" makes possible references to a trip the two of them made to Paris and "Pill" features a refrain from Delevigne herself. Speaking of her ex's features, she said, "It needed to be a posh British voice. I was like, 'Cara, wake up. I need you to sing on this song.' And she’s kind of grumpy. And I’m like, 'Please. It sounds so good. One more time.'"

For this record, which was co-produced by Bleachers' Jack Antonoff, Clark explained she was going for a more emotionally driven tone for her new songs that diverges somewhat from the musically-intellectual tricks she usually includes. 

“Jack changed my life for the better,” she said. “He makes you feel like anything is possible. We were merciless, trying to push all these songs past the finish line to accept the gold medal.”

Clark goes on to talk about her non-musical projects, such as the female adaptation of The Picture of Dorian Gray, which the musician is set to helm. 

“I jumped at the chance to explore themes of transgression, narcissism, youth, beauty, queerness, but through a female protagonist," she said. This isn't the first time that Clark has dabbled in Hollywood. The multi-talented artist made her directorial debut with The Birthday Party, a short film that was part of the horror anthology XX.

Now, the self-proclaimed workaholic is preparing for her Fear the Future tour beginning this fall. 

“The record is full of sorrow, but the visual aspect of it is really absurd,” she said. “I take the piss out of myself. The last tour I sat atop a pink throne, looking very imperious. This one will let people see that I have a sense of humor,” she says. 

Nylon was founded in 1999. See more photos from the feature below and read the full story here