Morrissey Releases New Single 'Spent the Day in Bed' After Tweeting Cryptic Teaser

Courtesy of Shore Fire Media

Yesterday (Sept. 18), the internet was rocked when Morrissey posted his first ever tweet to his actual Twitter account at 4:39 p.m. EST. The cryptic tweet came complete with ellipses, as it read: “Spent the day in bed…”

It’s not the first time he became an enigmatic presence on Twitter, though. In 2014, Stereogum reported that the iconic former Smiths frontman spoke out against a fake Twitter account that was verified in his name. Notably, his sign off in a statement to fan zine True To You read “Untwitterably yours.”

Turns out that he was teasing the title of his newly unveiled single, “Spent the Day in Bed,” which was first played by BBC 6 Music today (Sept. 19). The song opens with jangly electric piano, foregrounded by smokey synths. The laid-back feel of the song belies its more alarmist subject matter. The lyrics “stop watching the news because the news contrives to frighten you” are sure to be a point of contention in a time when Donald Trump regularly decries what he calls “fake news.”

This is the first single off his upcoming Nov. 17 album, “Low in High School.” In a press release from Shore Fire Media, Moz will tour in support of the album after almost immediately selling out his first show at the Hollywood Bowl slated for Nov. 10. He plans to visit New York; Washington, D.C.; Philadelphia; Chicago; Denver; Salt Lake City; Phoenix; Detroit; San Francisco; Seattle; Boston; St. Louis; Paso Robles, California; and Portland, Oregon. Full details will be announced soon.

Listen to “Spent the Day in Bed” below: