Fall Out Boy Get Kidnapped by Killer Llamas in Weird 'The Last of the Real Ones' Video: Watch

Courtesy of Vevo
Fall Out Boy, "The Last Of The Real Ones"

What is it with Fall Out Boy and Llamas? The band's favorite creepy camelids are back in the bizarre kidnapping drama video for their urgent new single "The Last of the Real Ones."

The Mccoy|Meyer-directed clip that dropped Wednesday night (Sept. 13) from the group's upcoming seventh studio album, M A  N   I    A (Jan. 19), is essentially a snuff film starring two upright creatures who seem a bit too casual about killing. Watch as the menacing Llama duo exit their car on a dark road at night, set some clothes on fire and then proceed to seemingly murder bassist/lyricist Pete Wentz -- who is tied up and gagged in the car's trunk -- by spearing him repeatedly with a shovel.

The clip's credits don't really shed any light on just what they're up to, as it credits the stars as Wentz as himself as Llamas as, well, Llamas, while nodding to two very special Llama-wrangling specialists: pal Jaden Smith and producer/rapper blackbear. There is a clue hidden in there, however, as the final words in the scroll are: "I'm pretty sure this isn't how the story ends."  

Smith starred in the cameo-packed video for the album's previous single, "Champion" and the threatening Llamas featured prominently in the video for "Young and Menace." After initially announcing a Sept. 15 release date, Wentz recently told Billboard that the new target date for the album is early 2018.

"We're a lot further along on it, but we pushed it back," he said, noting last month that the group was about six songs into what will likely be a 10-song record. Among the artists FOB has logged studio time with is Calgary native Illangelo, a producer/songwriter and frequent The Weeknd collaborator who Wentz called "inspiring." 

In a recent Instagram post, singer Patrick Stump further explained the decision to hold off on releasing the album in 2017. "We had some long talks and a lot to weigh about it all and collectively thought that was best," he wrote. Stump compared the reboot to the way Kanye West says, "Screw it, I'm gonna rewrite the whole record you already downloaded because I'm an artist and I can do crazy s--t like that."