Foo Fighters Share Animated Trailer For 'Concrete and Gold'

Brantley Gutierrez
Foo Fighters

The Foo Fighters have been hyping up their upcoming album Concrete and Gold for a while, and it’s finally coming out next week on Friday (Sept. 15). Today (Sept. 7), they shared a short animated trailer for the album that looks like it could be for a new Adult Swim show. 

The trailer features some of the events leading up to it, including Dave Grohl’s leg injury and their very famous album guest, Paul McCartney, who plays drums on one of the songs. Foo Fighters also recently revealed that Justin Timberlake makes an appearance in the album, but sadly we don’t get to see an animated version of Timberlake in the video. Nevertheless, the cartoon trailer will definitely get Foo Fighters fans' blood pumping.

Check it out below.