Heavy Hearts Share New Song 'Easy Mark': Exclusive

Heavy Hearts
Courtney Michaud

Heavy Hearts

Canadian quartet Heavy Hearts has turned a few heads this summer in the run-up to the release of new EP On a Chain, which will arrive Oct. 27 on New Damage Records. Alternative Press included the act in a list of bands leading an emo revival; it has also gotten looks from Soundguard Magazine, New Noise Magazine and Flesh & Bone; and it signed with Failure by Design Records in the United Kingdom. After touring the U.S. in July with Fossil Youth and Sleep In, the alternative-rock-influenced group will support Silverstein at a sold-out show at Warehouse in St. Catharines, Ontario, on Sept. 15.

Here, vocalist/guitarist Justin Glatt answers five fast questions about On a Chain and its track “Easy Mark,” which Billboard is premiering today.

Describe the sound of your band in one word.

I’d use the word “growing” to describe our band. We never want to release the same record twice and we always want to keep bettering ourselves as musicians and songwriters.

What’s the most important thing that fans should know about On a Chain?

On a Chain is easily a collection of our favorite songs that we’ve written so far. The writing came together organically, and we pushed ourselves out of our comfort zones to make something that was different for all of us. I’m excited for the doors these new songs have opened for us creatively and how we’ll apply it to our future releases.

How does On a Chain differ from Bliss, your 2016 debut full-length album?

When we wrote Bliss, we’d already kind of established a sound for the band and had figured out a writing formula for what a Heavy Hearts song should sound like. With On a Chain, we abandoned our old way of writing songs and experimented a lot more with new ideas and really tried to create a vibe throughout the EP.

What’s the inspiration behind “Easy Mark”?

“Easy Mark” is one of the poppier songs we wrote for On a Chain. It’s about someone who obsesses over trying to maintain control over everything and manipulates others to get what they want. I like the contrast of having negative or darker lyrics mixed into a song that wouldn’t evoke those kind of emotions on the first listen.

Care to elaborate on any plans Heavy Hearts have this year?

We’re excited for what the year has in store for us and we can’t wait to head out and tour places we’ve never been before. Keep an eye out for more singles and videos from On a Chain.