The Struts Releasing New Album Next Year

The Struts
Danny Clinch

The Struts

If the Struts wanted to, the British quartet could release its sophomore album tomorrow. Today, even. But even more than three years after its lauded debut, the group thinks it's most prudent to take its time.

"Honestly, as far as the band is concerned, it's pretty much done. We're just waiting to see if anything else pops out of nowhere," frontman Luke Spiller tells Billboard. "A lot of times, especially with the first album as well, some of the more unique songs kind of get generated towards the end fo the process. It's quite strange, but it always seems to happen. I know we're not the first band to do that."

In the meantime, Spiller and company are busying themselves with sequencing what they already have -- what he imagines to be 13-14 songs culled from some 60 ideas the group has been working on. They've re-teamed with producer Ray Hedges, who helped 2014's Everybody Wants, and the production team Red Triangle. "It's already sounding really magnificent," Spiller says. "I really think we've achieved quite a lot in a short pace of time, and I'm really proud of the standards of all the music. It's very adventurous, extremely melodic. It's totally the most diverse album that anyone's going to hear, probably, for quite awhile, just the sheer mixture of some of the songs on there. It's a real journey." But fans of Everybody Wants needn't worry about the Struts going too far afield, either. 

"Stylistically some of it is very Struts," Spiller says, "just sort of like fantastic progressions, lots of modulations and big and brash stuff like that. We've sort of explored a bit more grooves as well on this album and we've sort of looked at a little bot of '70s disco in a weird way and put our own unique spin on it. There's at least three tracks which really go places and, as a listener, really take you on a journey, and some of them are more straightforward rock songs. We have this beautiful kind of mixture of elegance meets a bit of sexiness and sleaze meets epic kind of ballads. There's romance, death, love, hate. It's really cool" 

Spiller predicts a first quarter of 2018 release date for the album, which is still untitled. The group has released one new song this year, "One Night Only," and is considering which track to unleash next. Meanwhile the Struts are getting ready for a run of North American dates this fall that includes opening for Foo Fighters in October and, according to Spiller, some dates supporting the Rolling Stones before that. 

"That's all going to be really, really cool," he says. "We are going to be bringing basically our circus on the road throughout the whole of next year and hitting festivals and just playing as much as we can, basically. Wherever we're going to be needed we'll go. We're gearing up now and (are) ready to work our absolute socks off for the entire year."


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